Maggie Sectional Sofa Exterior Pouf Module

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Our new Maggie modular sofa adapts to your outdoor needs. Use it as a gorgeous lounge sofa or create a cozy corner in the sun for two. With its three different modules – corner, center, and pouf – the Maggie sofa has endless combination possibilities. The pouf module can be used with cushion or glass tabletop that transforms it into a practical side table. The Exterior collection is made from our signature AluRattan™ which consists of a strong aluminum frame woven with ArtFibre™ to withstand all weather conditions.


Product Specifications

  • Height 31 cm (12.2 in)
  • Width 77 cm (30.4 in)
  • Depth 77 cm (30.4 in)
  • Seat Height 40 cm (15.8 in)
  • Collection Exterior
  • Use Outdoor
  • Care Wash with water mixed with mild soap and remove stains with a sponge or medium brush
  • Tear Sheet Download