Mercur Table

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The Mercur tables are the epitome of functional and minimalist design. Each table consists of four three-pronged galvanized steel legs with a top and small skirt made of handwoven ArtFibre™, making them maintenance-free and UV- and temperature-resistant. The Mercur table is available in a square dining-height table and a rectangular coffee table.

Product Specifications

  • Height (cm) 73
  • Width (cm) 40
  • Length (cm) 45
  • Height (inches) 28.7
  • Width (inches) 15.7
  • Length (inches) 17.7
  • Collection Avantgarde
  • Use Outdoor
  • Care Wash with water mixed with mild soap and remove stains with a sponge or medium brush
  • Style/Type Dining Table