Sika Design has been designing and manufacturing the finest handmade furniture for more than 70 years — from its humble origins in 1942, with a first batch of lamps, tables and baskets made of rush and willow, to an internationally acclaimed company trusted by many hotels, restaurants and cruise ships all over the world. Nowadays, we’re proud to be one the oldest Scandinavian producer of rattan and wicker furniture.




We take pride in guaranteeing the best levels of quality, comfort and sustainability in all of our products. Each and every one of our pieces are handled with care and passion, from the designing phase, (performed by some of the best furniture designers in the world), to the thoughtful manufacturing process taking place in our own factory in Indonesia.
Our pieces of furniture are made to be handed down through generations. Our own history is one of prideful heritage and craftsmanship, from the first of the Andreasen, (Ankjær Andreasen, founder and hand-made workman), to the current president of Sika Design, Louise Andreasen. All of our sales, administration and logistics are handled from our headquarters in Rynkeby, Funen, where we share our warehouse with our sister company, (Cane-line).


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