USA Minneapolis Inventory:
  • In stock products can generally ship within two to three business days of full payment
  • If a product is not showing as available or showing up at all on the Minneapolis stock list, please refer to the Denmark stock list

Denmark Inventory:

  • Lead time from Denmark is generally 10 to 14 weeks.
  • If a negative number is shown on the Denmark stock list, the product is backordered. 
  • Lead time for backordered items is an estimated five to seven months.
  • "Disp. Today" = Available as of today
  • "Disp. in 6 Weeks" = Available in Denmark's warehouse in 6 weeks
  • "Disp. in Future" = Quantity of product that will be available - this can be anywhere from a couple months to up to several months

***Inventory changes on a daily basis & is not held until full payment & order confirmation has been received***