Sofie Counter Stool AluRattan

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The Sofie Counter Stool in AluRattan™ is an aluminum version of our popular Sofie Counter Stool. This stool preserves all the upscale charm of the original Sofie Counter Stool with the addition of a sturdy aluminum frame that makes the chair able to withstand year-round outdoor use and inclement weather of any kind. It is ideal for patios, terraces, decks and gardens, and is a favorite choice for outdoor seating at restaurants.

Product Specifications

  • Height 117 cm (46.1 in)
  • Width 51 cm (20.1 in)
  • Depth 58 cm (22.8 in)
  • Seat Height 67 cm (26.4 in)
  • Collection Alu Affaire
  • Use Outdoor
  • Stackable Yes
  • Care Wash with water mixed with mild soap and remove stains with a sponge or medium brush