Isabell Counter Stool

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The Isabell Counter Stool takes the classic Paris bistro chair to new heights. This refined, stylish piece can be found in kitchens, dining areas and covered patios in private residences as well as upper-end cafes around the world. This maintenance-free counter stool features colorful polystrand bindings. Designed for indoor or covered outdoor use, the stool's rattan frame will patina to a lovely light gray finish over time. If the original natural rattan look is desired, rub with linseed oil.

Product Specifications

  • Height (cm) 115.5
  • Width (cm) 55
  • Depth (cm) 58
  • Seat Height (cm) 70
  • Arm Height (cm) 88
  • Height (inches) 45.5
  • Width (inches) 21.7
  • Depth (inches) 22.8
  • Seat Height (inches) 27.6
  • Arm Height (inches) 34.6
  • Collection Affaire
  • Materials Rattan, ArtFibre (Polyethylene)
  • Use Covered Outdoor
  • Care Wash with water mixed with mild soap and remove stains with a sponge or medium brush
  • Style/Type Dining Stool, Bistro Stool, Patio Stool
  • Stackable Yes