Khâluna Restaurant - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jul 26th 2022

“In the Lao language, it’s a simple translation meaning “please” but it comes from the Buddhist teaching which means compassion” Khâluna's resort-like atmosphere transports guests across the ocean with its colorful array of food and use of materials. Designer Shea Inc. wanted to bring the full Laotian experience to the guest with their choices of natural raw materials and hand woven fibers. Both Interior and exterior pieces needed to handle the rigor of daily seating, but keep the warm visual detail of natural rattan.

Featuring the Alanis stackable chair in the main dining room, the natural rattan frame and weaving brings warmth and connection with the earth. In the bar, the Blues Bar Stool and Rossini side chair bring the natural rattan elements full circle.

On the patio, Shea chose our newly launched Natural Finish Alu-Rattan Elisabeth side chair to keep the visual warmth of rattan, but the exterior durability of our aluminum frames and Art Fibre weaving.

Photos: Courtesy Shea Inc. and Khâluna